Eva Kober & Tiina Hakala
Tiina Hakala and Eva Kober are interior architects, who generate ideas and design small scale items in contrast to broad spatial design projects.

Mikko Siponen
Mikko Siponen studies industrial design in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He is interested in timeless and straightforward design. Mikko is inspired by versatile sports and early mornings.

Lisa Keller, Anna Kantanen
& Tiina Leinonen
The Finnish-German design trio began to work together while studying at the Applied Art and Design MA program at Aalto University. The trio’s mutual view and interest to international collaboration enabled the design and development of the Uuni pots. The shared challenges and successes in the project have encouraged the trio to continue active collaboration.

Kasper Nyman
Kasper Nyman studies spatial and furniture design in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Kasper aims to design youthful products, which are easy to approach. He feels it is important that the product looks like it has been fun to design.

Annika Heikkinen
Annika Heikkinen has recently graduated as Master of Arts with industrial design as her major. Her background includes also education as a graphic designer and several years experience as AD in advertising. Annika considers the combination of these two fields as her strength and is inspired by various design challenges.

Tatu Vuorio
Tatu Vuorio has graduated as designer from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design and Fine Arts. Currently he studies in the Applied Art and Design MA program in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Tatu’s designs originate mostly from the borderline of design and art, as he aims to combine artistic content with clear and functional design.

Kirsi Enkovaara
Kirsi Enkovaara has graduated as Furniture Designer from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in spring 2012. Enkovaara considers stories as important starting points for her designs. She is interested in following how the stories develop when people begin using them. She continues her studies at The Royal College of Art in London in fall 2012.

Markus Toivanen
Markus Toivanen, 27, is a student at the Applied Art and Design MA program at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. He is general worker in design mainly focusing on freelance projects in package design and stuctural design. Product designs are born during his leisure time projects. As designer Markus wants to play with ideas, search and extend the borders of product design in challenging ways.

Heidi Siitonen
Heidi Siitonen studies furniture design in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. In addition to furniture design, she is interested in architecture, music, and biking. Heidi works in an architecture office in Helsinki.

Elisa Konttinen & A-J Silvennoinen
Antti-Jussi Silvennoinen works as a freelancer in furniture and spatial design, and Elisa Konttinen is an AD at the Bob Helsinki advertising agency. Together Antti-Jussi and Elisa design products at their own design studio &BROS. The studio’s goal is to design small things to refresh the home environment.

Noora Liesimaa
Noora is interested in modern interpretations of traditional things. She is inspired by natural light, different materials and their combinations. She aims to challenge herself to simplify structures and forms. And she eappeciates insightfulness.

Hanna Tjukanov
Hanna Tjukanov has graduated as Master of Arts from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2011. She is interested in the interaction between people and things and trealizing the impossible.

Lauri Hiilinen
& Thomas Tallqvist
Thomas Tallqvist and Lauri Hiilinen study industrial design at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the same shoe size, the classmates share an interest in several types of design work. They consider designing together mostly as playful idea generation, throwing ideas in the air so that the other one can pick the most interesting ones to be developed further. Since both of them have different strengths, they support one another in their collaboration.