Jouni Leino
Jouni Leino Jouni Leino works in the field of interior and furniture design. He has worked on a wide range of contract and home interior designs. He has also designed furniture for Finnish manufacturers Inno and Avarte. Jouni is interested in clever solutions and he always tries to add enjoyable details in his works.


Minttu Somervuori
Minttu Somervuori The Vaate-istuin collection is a combination of furniture and clothing. The clothing pieces transform into furniture and provide the possibility to rest while travelling in town. the collection offers an outfit for a man and a woman.


Enni Äijälä Narjukka Takala
Enni Äijälä  Marjukka TakalaÄijälä and Takala are freelance designers based in Helsinki. They have collaborated on various design and exhibition projects both in Finland and abroad. Their collaboration is often a mixture of messing around, careful studying and fussy detailing. Äijälä and Takala are two of the founding members of UKLY, Organization for New Ceramics and Glass.


Linda Bergroth
Linda BergrothLinda Bergroth is a designer living and working between Paris and Helsinki. Product design and interior architecture are her main fields. Her strong visual approach and her eye for colour and shape has also led her into other fields, like set design and styling.  In her work she often explores new functions and combines natural wood with bright colours.


Jesse Pietilä
Jesse PietiläThere are a lot of products around that are stuck in old forms for no apparent reason. In my work I update existing objects as well as design new products often working at the border between design and architecture. I believe that a good product emerges when a client is able to communicate his needs. The designer can take care of the rest. But the theory of Say is also interesting - supply creates its own demand.


Elina Manninen
Elina ManninenElina Manninen who is currently working on her Master thesis for the University of Art and Design Helsinki is a 27-year old interior architect, who lives and works in Helsinki. Elina is interested in the different situations, nuances and problems of everyday life. She emphasizes the role of a designer as a responsible problem solver, whose work is based on a dialog between the customer and the designer.


Timo Niskanen
Timo Niskanen Designer Timo Niskanen is a thesis short of being a Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Currently Timo is busy working on his own design projects as well as his job at Saas Instruments. Most of Timo’s work is related to light and lighting.


Martin Born
Martin BornArchitecture, labour, resources, fashion, the body, technology, finance, heritage, the “market”, the media – the creation of objects is involved with too many aspects of societal life to not be considered a manifestation of political attitudes. Consequently, the value of form is not a visual manipulation, but the substrate of the positions taken onto the conditions of its generation. This is how we may understand design as a democratic practice.


Tiina Ripatti
Tiina RipattiTiina Ripatti is a textile artist and graphic designer and works on a wide variety of projects in both fields. She has done art textiles, book design and worked as a textile designer in Paris. In textiles Tiina is interested in old traditions and contemporary phenomenona as well as new possibilities.